We are the SGS Band (Still Going Strong), a Classic Rock trio bringing together three very highly motivated and passionate musicians with a life-time's experience of gigging and performing.

The band is based in the Bath / Salisbury area in the South West of England. 

Our aim is to enable our fans and audiences to enjoy high quality  'Rock Covers' performances of all the favourite Classic Rock tracks of the 60s, 70s, and beyond, by producing a much richer and fuller sound than could normally be expected from a three piece band.

Tony is the lead vocalist and guitarist with the band. He has built up a huge amount of experience having played in, and supported, many groups from as far back as the early 70s.  These include The Groundhogs, Heavy Metal Kidz, Storm, Exile, Neon Lights, Fast Buck, Running Blind, King Cobra, Makeshift, The Buttmonkeys, Blaze (with whom he still plays on a mini Scottish Highlands tour each summer), and latterly OldSkool. 

Mitch's musical career kicked off as a dare.  Her guitarist husband frustrated at one failed audition after another trying to find a bass guitarist and with only 6 months left until the bands first gig turned to his missus and said " I bet I could teach you to play bass in that time"  and Mitch said: "your on!" and was then hooked.  There followed a very enjoyable time with the band called "The Acme Demolition Company" a Classic Rock Covers & Originals band, based in South East London.   She then moved on to Classic Rock Covers trio Sahara, which then gave birth to a Rock & Pop duo of the same name and the need to learn a new discipline this time keyboards, with backing tracks providing the bass and drums.  On from there as keyboard player to a seven piece soul band The Usual Suspects and then keys again for a a rock pop band called Direct Injection, who with a female lead singer tackled the likes of the Pretenders and Texas.  She has also helped out on occasion her husbands other band Blaze providing keyboards on a number of their Scottish Tours, so quite a varied career.  Although enjoying the diversity keyboards can give a band the first love will always be bass. 
She has that amazing ability to seamlessly switch between bass guitar and keyboards without you noticing.  

Mac's drumming passion started at the age of 10 using his Mum's pots with pan lids hanging on strings for cymbals.  Having been in a few bands (including a group called The Sound as a teenager), marriage, becoming a young dad, and a high profile career that took him around the world, put drumming on the back-burner for some 4 decades.   Latterly however, with  lots of time and space becoming available following early retirement, he has thrown himself into Rock and Jazz drumming lessons, taking his music Grades, and spending hours on his kit practicing.  As a result, his skills have been in demand, and he has worked with PoshApe, Free Ascent, F Spirit, Symbolic, 50 Shades, and OldSkool over the last 10 years, often supporting two or three bands at a time. 


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